Lisbon Treaty and other news

Lisbon Treaty
Europe's leaders this morning signed the Lisbon Treaty, as it is now called. Except for Prime Minister Brown, who was delayed and apparently attended a special "one-nation ceremony" at 2pm to put his name under the Treaty as well. The final text is available
here. The Commission has welcomed the signature of the Treaty.

Charter of Fundamental Rights
Seven years after it was first signed and proclaimed, the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission met in Strasbourg yesterday to again “solemny proclaim” and sign the Charter (see this press release). They signed the version of the Charter as was incorporated in the Constitution. Or, to be more precise, the Reform Treaty will modify the Charter to resemble the version of the Charter that was integrated in the Constitutional Treaty. See this link.

New Judge at the ECJ
Mr Jean-Jacques Kasel has been appointed as new Judge of the ECJ following the resignation of Mr Romain Schintgen. See
this decision (pdf).