Jim Murphy on the Reform Treaty

Here is a link to the transcript of an interesting BBC interview with the UK Minister of State for Europe, Jim Murphy, on the Reform Treaty. Just an extract:

what's very clear every member state has said that the constitutional approach has been abandoned. There will be no European Union constitution. That's now no longer on the table at all.
INTERVIEWER:Well that's a highly disputed point as you know and isn't the truth behind all of this that you are scared to hold a referendum because you believe that you would lose, therefore scuppering the new treaty altogether?
Martha, it's not a highly disputed point at all. The fact is that every member state has agreed that the constitutional approach has been abandoned. They have all signed up to that very clearly and this treaty is a similar nature to the four previous treaties signed by three previous prime ministers - Prime Ministers Thatcher, Major and Blair.

But just one person who would dispute the difference of the constitution is Gisela Stuart, Labour MP, always been very loyal to the government until this point. She was one of the people who negotiated the original constitution. She says they're extremely similar, as does Giscard D'Estaing, as the Irish Foreign Minister, the Spanish Foreign Minister. You know the list goes on

The list goes on of course, Martha, because what happened is that the UK has signed up to a specific unique UK version of the treaty, not only the issue of the protocol that we've spoken about already but the automatic opt-out on new proposals on our criminal justice system, justice and home affairs. So we have decided that we would wish to have a UK-specific version of the new treaty. Other countries of course, and France, Germany, Ireland, will do their own thing in their own way but we're in the business of looking after the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom's interest, but co-operating with Europe when it makes sense to do so and on things like security, the environment, economic liberalisation, of course it does and will continue to do so.