Pres. Skouris and First AG Kokott on role of ECJ

A delegation of ten Judges and Advocates General, including President Skouris and First Advocate General Kokott, travelled to Dallas this week.

On Tuesday, they attended a Breakfast Meeting hosted by the Greater Dallas Chamber. At that meeting, Mr Skouris discussed the nature of the European Union as a community of law and the role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the EU legal order.

Mr Skouris' comments defined the European Union in terms of a community based on uniform legal principles.

He added that "Community Law is jeopardized if law breakers are not given consequences."

He pointed out that to avoid such dire circumstances, the Court for instance recently upheld nearly €111 million in fines levied by the European Commission against several members of a steel tube cartel (see this post).

Mrs Kokott's contribution offered insight into the major issues brought before the ECJ as well as its recent key rulings.

She stressed that one of the paramount goals of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) was to ensure basic economic freedoms within the European Union, allowing for open markets and commerce across borders.

Mrs Kokott added that through its decisions, the ECJ sought to guarantee free movement of labour, freedom of establishment and fluid movement of capital across borders.