Microsoft ruling by September?

The Washington Post (Associated Press) yesterday reported that BO Vesterdorf hopes to publish the Microsoft ruling by September.

I have written extensively on the hearing of the Microsoft case before the Court of First Instance (link to archive). The case involves this decision (pdf: 1,42 Mb!) of the Commission, according to which Microsoft has infringed Article 82 EC (and Article 54 EEA) by committing two abuses of a dominant position:

1) Microsoft’s refusal to supply inter-operability information to its competitors in order to allow them to develop products which could compete with those of Microsoft,

2) Microsoft's bundling of Windows Media Player with Windows: Windows could only be bought together with the Windows Media Player software.

Yesterday, the Washington Post (AP) reported that Bo Vesterdorf, the president of the Court of First Instance, although refusing to give a precise deadline for his ruling, hopes to publish his decision before he leaves office in September.

According to the Post, he told reporters at an Informa legal conference in Brussels that "obviously we would do our very best to get the case out as soon as at all possible".