New composition of ECJ

As mentioned before, a formal sitting was held on October 6, on the occasion of the departure from office of

- Advocate General Christine Stix-Hackl,
- Judge Jean-Pierre Puissochet,
- Advocate General Philippe Léger,
- Judge Ninon Colneric,
- Judge Stig Von Bahr,
- Advocate General Leendert Geelhoed,

… and of the taking of the oath and entry into office of the new members of the Court. By decisions of 6 April 2006 and 20 September 2006, the representatives of the Governments of the Member States appointed, for the period from 7 October 2006 to 6 October 2012, as Judges:

- Ms Pernilla Lindh (replacing Mr Stig von Bahr)

Born in 1945; Law graduate of the University of Lund; Judge (assessor), Court of Appeal, Stockholm; Legal adviser and Director General at the Legal Service of the Trade Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Judge at the Court of First Instance from 18 January 1995 to 6 October 2006; Judge at the Court of Justice from 7 October 2006

- Mr Jean-Claude Bonichot (replacing Mr Jean-Pierre Puissochet)

Born 1955; Graduate of the University of Metz, degree from the Institut d’études politiques, Paris, former student at the École nationale d’administration; rapporteur (1982-85), commissaire du gouvernement (1985-87 and 1992-99), Judge (1999-2000), President of the Sixth Sub-Division of the Judicial Division (2000-06), at the Council of State; Legal Secretary at the Court of Justice (1987-91); Director of the Private Office of the Minister for Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, then Minister for the Civil Service and Modernisation of Administration (1991-92); Head of the Legal Mission of the Council of State at the National Health Insurance Fund for Employed Persons (2001-06); Lecturer at the University of Metz (1988-2000), then at the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne (from 2000); Author of numerous publications on administrative law, Community law and European human rights law; Founder and chairman of the editorial committee of the Bulletin de jurisprudence de droit de l’urbanisme, Co-founder and member of the editorial committee of the Bulletin juridique des collectivités locales; President of the Scientific Council of the Research Group on Institutions and Law governing Regional and Urban Planning and Habitats; Judge at the Court of Justice from 7 October 2006.

- Mr Thomas von Danwitz (replacing Ms Ninon Colneric)

Born 1962; studied at Bonn, Geneva and Paris; State examination in law (1986 and 1992); Doctor of Laws (University of Bonn, 1988); International diploma in public administration (École nationale d'administration, 1990); Teaching authorisation (University of Bonn, 1996); Professor of German public law and European law (1996-2003), Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Ruhr University, Bochum (2000-01); Professor of German public law and European law (University of Cologne, 2003-06); Director of the Institute of Public Law and Administrative Science (2006); Visiting professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (2000), François Rabelais University, Tours (2001-06) and the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, (2005-06); Judge at the Court of Justice from 7 October 2006.

The terms of office of the following Judges were renewed:
- Judge Peter Jann
- Judge Christiaan Timmermans,
- Judge Konrad Schiemann,
- Judge Jiří Malenovský,
- Judge Antonio Tizzano,
- Judge José Narciso da Cunha Rodrigues,
- Judge Pranas Kuris,
- Judge George Arestis,
- Judge Anthony Borg Barthet
- Judge Egils Levits

Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi terms of office was also renewed, Mr Yves Bot was appointed as an Advocate General (replacing Mr Philippe Léger), Ms Verica Trstenjak (shown on right) was appointed to replace Mr Leendert A. Geelhoed, and Mr Ján Mazák to replace Mrs Christine Stix-Hackl.

Since CFI Judges Ms Pernilla Lindh and Ms Verica Trstenjak were appointed as members of the Court of Justice, under the partial replacement of the latter’s members, Mr Nils Wahl and Mr Miro Prek were appointed as Judges of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities to replace them.

Yesterday, Mr Vassilios Skouris was re-elected as president of the Court of Justice in accordance with Article 7 of the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice, which provides that: ‘The Judges shall, immediately after the partial replacement provided for in Article 223 of the EC Treaty, and Article 139 of the EAEC Treaty, elect one of their number as President of the Court for a term of three years.’

Also, Judge Peter Jann was elected as President of the First Chamber; Judge Christiaan Timmermans as President of the Second Chamber, Judge Allan Rosas as President of the Third Chamber, and Judge Koen Lenaerts as President of the Fourth Chamber.

See these three press releases (1, 2, 3, first two pdf) for more information.