EU and VS missed Saturday deadline for PNR data agreement

In May, in Joined Cases C-317/04 and C-318/04, the Court annuled the decision authorizing the conclusion of the agreement between the US and the EU on the transfer of personal data, as well as the related Commission Decision 2004/535/EC of 14 May 2004 on the adequate protection of personal data.

I have written on these cases in three earlier posts (1,2,3), just a small post today on the fact that the effects of the decisions were preserved until last Saturday. The EU and US have not yet signed a new deal on air passenger data transfers, leaving airlines providing transatlantic travel, as EUobserver calls it, "in a legal limbo".

EUobserver reports that since several airline companies will keep operating under previous rules and - if asked to - give US officials personal details of passengers travelling to the States, this means that unless national laws also require them to do so, they could be sued by their passengers for transferring such data and therefore breaching their right to privacy.
See this article for more information.