Case C-354/05, Commission v Luxembourg

Since there are no cases this week, there is time for some reflection of some more of last week’s cases, as well as for other news about the Court of Justice, such as yesterday's post.

Just a small post today about Case C-354/05, delivered last Thursday. A judgment of not more than 11 paragraphs, in which, in short, the Court condemned Luxembourg for not having transposed Directive 2003/55 and therefore had “failed to fulfil its obligations under that directive.”

The period prescribed for transposing this directive for the liberalisation of Gas Markets expired on 1 July 2004, the action was brought on 22 September 2005.

Quite a regular case, actually, which could hardly be called “news”. But it was embraced yesterday by Energy Commissioner
Andris Piebalgs.

“This ruling confirms the commitment of the Commission to go ahead in building up a truly open internal market”, Mr. Piebalgs said according to
this press- release.

Text of Judgment