Commission will launch up to 50 energy law cases

According to, the European Commission will today publish a list of up to 50 offences by EU Member States for which it will take legal action against.

The action comes as the Member States are trying to agree on a common energy policy. Germany, France, Belgium and Spain are among those likely to face heavy fines for not liberalising their energy markets quickly enough.

The recent announcement of infringement proceedings by energy commissioner
Andris Piebalgs is the first step in taking those Member States to the European Court of Justice.

"The European Commission intends to launch a package of infringement procedures against a number of member states for incorrect transposition of the directives", Commission spokesman Ferran Tarradellas i Espuny said.

The Court can fine the Member States concerned repeatedly unless they comply with the directives.

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Relevant legislation:
Electricity directive 2003/55/EC Gas directive 2003/55/EC Directive 2001/77/EC (pdf)Directive 2003/30/EC (pdf)